How Do Odds Work on OTB.Run?

OTB.Run utilizes a system known as ‘parimutuel odds’. This can seem complicated, but realistically it works quite effortlessly in practice.

Here are the main things you need to know:

#1. Your Odds are not confirmed until the “Event Lock” Time.

This is probably the biggest thing to learn about Parimutuel Odds. It doesn’t matter what the Odds say when you are Placing a Wager — what matters is the Closing Odds, or the Odds when no more Wagers are allowed to be placed. (typically at the start of a Race or an Event)

#2. Winner’s Payouts are proportional to what is Wagered.

The Winner’s Payout is determined by dividing your share of the winnings proportional to what you risked.

For example, if Person A wagers .04 on the Horse “Billions” and person B wagers .01 on the Horse “Billions”, person A can expect to receive 4x the winnings that Person B does if Billions wins the Race.

#3. Wagering early (or late) can be a part of an effective strategy.

Wagering early is useful to try to scare other individuals off of choosing your selection. (hopefully leading to a higher payout)

Wagering late is useful when trying to find late ‘value’ in lesser-known selections. (hopefully allowing you to pick a Selection who would have a higher payout)

Each can be an effective way to play on OTB.Run!

No matter when you put your action down, every person who has a selection on a specific Competitor will have the same proportional Odds as everyone else with that selection.

#4. You are allowed to select as many different Wagers in One Event as you would like.

You are not limited to picking one Horse or one Exacta Box in a given Event. You can make as many selections in a given Event as you would like — although keep in mind that only one can win. (meaning your other Selections would be losers)

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