“Survive And Advance” Roster Submission

Please submit your Survive And Advance Roster by THUR March 9th for Seeding Consideration

Keep in mind a few Strategy Pointers:

Race Distances will be RANDOM, UNKNOWN , and will CHANGE as they are drawn for Each Race in Each Round!!

The Horses on your Roster DO NOT CHANGE. You pick your Team of 6 Horses BEFORE the Tournament.

This means you need to consider what Distances your Roster can compete at in relative terms of the Competition.

Going with 6 MAR will be an extremely risky play, but could win you the Tournament with 6 Lucky Distance Pulls.

Should you go 2 SPR – 2 MID – 2 MAR, or try to find an edge with a setup like 3 SPR – 2 MID – 1 MAR?

The scoring setup is 12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 so that your C4-C6 Horses technically should matter as much as the C1-C3 do.

Do you want to mix and match VAR and Stability or lean on one more than the other?
These are the questions you’ll have to ask yourself as you set up your team!

Survive And Advance – Roster Submission Form: