108 Horses will compete in C2, C3 & C4 in 4 Races over 4 Weeks in a Knockout style Tournament with a RANDOM ‘TAG TEAM PARTNER’ culminating with a shocking Finale fit for the Ring!


“Winner Gets the Pin”

Every race will be a 6-Horse Race at a Random Distance.

Whichever Horse wins that race — they will advance along with their RANDOM Tag Team Partner (who will stay the same the entire Tournament).

Luck will play a huge part in this with Distance Draws, Partner Draws, and Horse Skill all weighing a factor.

You don’t have to be the best Horse to win!


1st Place Team – .054 Each

Best Team Name – .01 Each OTB Credit

Tournaments will run in each Class (C2 has its own Tournament, C3 runs against C3, and C4 runs against C4)

Every single race will be a random draw – from 1000m to 2400m.

FIELDS: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13vJZHMVIbEF4emHTBqUCvi0ikLRIg8WSA4F0U9b9hC0/edit?usp=sharing

Partner Draw:

Class 2:

Horse #1:Horse #2:
Unsustainable AddictionCorrupted Inspector
Kevin MoskowitzWhat The Facundo
Konky DongTop Shelf Cookies
Mystic RedwoodSamantha Slim
Dancing BoomSwans Premiers 05
Rey del MundoDiamond Duchess
FlexicutionPit Bull
Shadow For DaysDemon’s Door
Lady In SpaceShadow For Hours
Water PlanetLittle Falcon
ChickenNuggetSorry Beau
Collecting ChocolatesRaspberry Berry
Bad and KindPhantom Cadet
Pink IncPrimal Impulse
Give Me A ChanceTwo Shadows Of Sarah
OraclesToo Much Noise
Lucky CrystalsVoyage Of Charon

Class 3:

Horse #1Horse #2:
Majestic WaveLast moon standing
Violet Jump SuitTreetop Flyer
Konky KausWeathervane
The Sweetest SoundChicken Advantage
Lady FiatMis Diablos
El ZapoRoyal Blue Kush
Spoiled ScionLovey
Bueno BananaDancing River
Going AloneDone After This
Pillow TalkingRapper
FoiledF In The Fast
BorfThe Very Best Quest
The Pragmatic PulleyOh My Blood
Code BlondeMidnight Melody
Mean JeanJounin Surprise
Silent CheetahSublime Sunday
Wild EnterpriseTriumph’s 9 Lives
9 LivesRaisin Cookies

Class 4:

Horse #1:Horse #2
Zkittlez CakeLizzie McGuire
Cogito Ergot FungusBetty Rocket
Lightning maidenSweet Beach
BouknightThe Hiff Hoff
Planet powerSzabo Claus
The WkendKarma Bell
HaskielBig Ugly
Smooth Ambler2 Minute Dynasty
Biscuit DeuxNeon Sunshine
Smooth Pillow TalkingMy Patty
Emerald SirenMystery Inc
Lobster EmotionCharades
Suave PowerRip Player
I Own Six Speaker CitiesHigh Pace
ThermodynamiqueSweet Emotion
Imjan RiverHit The Cliff

Price: ALL Classes – .003 (~$5)


You Compete ONLY in Your Class … (C2 vs. C2 , C3 vs. C3 , C4 vs. C4)

Date:Total Horses# of RacesWho Advances:
Tues. July 11thTag Team Partner Draw
Wed. July 12th366Winner (1st Place) Gets The Pin For Their Team
Wed. July 19th122Winner (1st Place) Gets The Pin For Their Team
Sun. July 23rd81Winner (1st Place) Gets The Pin For Their Team (Back in the Game)
Wed. July 26th 61Winner (1st Place) Gets The Pin For Their Team — Wins .054 Each